The biotech company Swiss Rockets AG enters into a strategic partnership with daura AG – the Swiss platform for digital stocks

The collaboration between Swiss Rockets and daura is designed to facilitate the financing of promising life science projects. With the daura platform, investments in biotech start-ups will be possible digitally even with smaller amounts and without transaction costs. By selecting research projects in oncology and immunology, the biotech company Swiss Rockets supports a paradigm shift, [...]

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Swiss Rockets AG has assembled an Advisory Committee of renowned Oncology scientists to help it develop new cancer treatments

Inspired by cancer patients and dedicated to their well-being, Swiss Rockets provides access to innovative anti-cancer treatments. Internationally recognized experts of the Oncology Advisory Committee accelerate and secure drug discovery programs as well as advise and lead clinical development of the most promising technologies.   Prof. Dr. med. Alex A. Adjei, Chairman of Oncology Advisory [...]

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Swiss Rockets AG: Scientific and Drug Discovery Advisory Committee opens a new chapter in cancer drug discovery and development

Swiss Rockets AG strives to provide cancer patients access to breakthrough innovative anti-cancer treatments. The highly experienced Scientific and Drug Discovery Advisory Committee of Swiss Rockets will provide expertise to guide the selection of the most promising technologies and their efficient pathway to market approval. Dr. Jeanette Wood, Chairman of Scientific and Drug Discovery [...]

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Swiss Rockets AG: Business Advisory Committee will combine business with the patients’ well-being

To deliver breakthrough treatments to cancer patients, Swiss Rockets supports innovation through investments in the novel and differentiated ideas and technologies. Swiss Rockets’ business model, promoted by highly competent members of the Business Advisory Committee, will ensure success in transforming cancer care with new and best in class medicines. Dr. Sabina R. Korfmann-Bodenmann, Chairman [...]

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Prof. Dr. Michael N. Hall, member of the Board of Directors of Swiss Rockets AG, receives the Sjöberg Prize 2020

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Sjöberg Prize 2020 jointly to Prof. Michael N. Hall, Biozentrum of the University of Basel, and Prof. David M. Sabatini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA. The two scientists receive this international award for their discovery of mTOR and its role in the control [...]

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Swiss Rockets AG: The Executive Management Team – People make the Difference

Cancer patients of Swiss Rockets AG will benefit from new treatments developed using innovative and disruptive methods. The Swiss Rockets’ executive management team combines the necessary specialist knowledge and experience to efficiently and sustainably break new ground in cancer medicine. Swiss Rockets AG, Basel, founded in 2018, is implementing a paradigm shift in healthcare. [...]

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Swiss Rockets implements a paradigm shift in the field of cancer research

The Swiss Rockets business model will bring advantages first and foremost to cancer patients, but also to researchers of new active substances, and investors. Forward-looking treatment methods within the therapeutic area of oncology will be identified, supported, and commercialized through the combining of services into an incubator for new oncology projects, through targeted investments [...]

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