Commercial activities

Our commercial activities cover a wide range of business areas in the health and medical sector. Our vision is to build a sustainable financial model to provide the necessary capital and ensure the viability of our research and development efforts.

Currently we are concentrating our commercial activities in four highly promising directions.

Swiss Rockets Pharma

Swiss Rockets Pharma has been established to manufacture and distribute high-quality medicines, including generic oncology drugs. Our goal is to ensure quality and affordable medicines accessible to everyone, provide exceptional services to all our partners worldwide, and be recognized as a reputable and innovative company in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


ROCKETMTEC, a brand born within the Swiss Rockets Trading company, is the backbone of all the commercial activities within the group. ROCKETMTEC is a premier B2B provider of specialized healthcare products. Our medical devices and personal protective equipment line has been designed with innovative features for professionals and patients alike.

Swiss Rockets Ltd. Serbia

Swiss Rockets Ltd. Serbia was founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss Rockets AG in March 2020 to support Swiss Rockets research and development and commercial activities by allowing access to an extensive network of professional associates all around Serbia.

Swiss Rockets Pharmacy

Swiss Rockets Pharmacy was founded in 2021 in Belgrade (Serbia) by Swiss Rockets Ltd. to improve the culture of healthy living in Serbia. In addition to the continuous supply of medicines and medical devices, the highest priorities of Swiss Rockets Pharmacy are the provision of pharmaceutical services and advice by experienced and professional staff, who are constantly improving in terms of the latest advances in medicine and pharmacology.