Swiss Rockets Foundation contributes to medical research projects that are too advanced for academic institutions, yet too early in development to be supported by startup investors or the pharmaceutical industry. By supporting these endeavors, the Foundation aims to bridge the gap between early research and its translation into practical applications and tangible benefits for patients.

Committed to health, driven by solidarity.


The Swiss Rockets Foundation program is dedicated to supporting cutting-edge research projects that tackle challenges in the fields of oncology, virology, and infectiology. Our mission is to provide early-stage funding for novel research ideas that have the potential to make a significant impact on the scientific community and beyond. By supporting innovative and forward-thinking projects, we aim to accelerate the pace of discovery and advance our understanding of some of the most pressing issues in healthcare today. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of individuals and communities affected by these diseases, and to contribute to the overall advancement of science and medicine. Through our funding and support, we seek to empower researchers to explore new avenues of inquiry and to develop novel approaches to treatment and prevention. We believe that by investing in the future of science and innovation, we can make a meaningful difference in the world.


The Swiss Rockets Foundation is dedicated to advancing scientific research by providing critical support to emerging scientists and their innovative projects. Our goal is to foster a community of researchers who are committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and discovery. We are particularly focused on helping scientists who may not have access to traditional funding sources, including those who are just starting out or working on projects that are not yet established enough to attract mainstream support. By providing the resources and guidance necessary to turn these ideas into reality, we aim to create a more diverse and inclusive scientific community that is better equipped to tackle the world's most pressing challenges. Overall, our mission is to help researchers build successful labs, pursue groundbreaking research, and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields. We believe that by supporting innovative and unconventional ideas, we can unlock new insights and possibilities that will benefit society as a whole.